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Most of the time the books that I review are ones that I have purchased myself. I will happily accept requests from publishers and authors to read and review. I mostly read Young Adult but I am open to any Fiction novels in general.

All books reviewed on this blog have been either purchased, borrowed or received directly from an author/publisher. This blog accepts NO form of paid compensation for my reviews; they are based on my honest personal opinion only.

Where do my reviews get posted:
My blog, goodreads, amazon, kobo, net galley. (If you have somewhere specific you would like my review posted I am more than happy to post it there).
I accept already released books and ARCs for review. I will respect the ARC and won't offer it for sale! 

My Reviews:
All my reviews are my most honest opinions.
I will read any book that you suggest but if I do not enjoy the book I will not review it because I would hate to upload a negative review when there is already so much negativity on the internet (why add to it?).

My reviews include general information about the book (e.g. title, author, publisher, publishing date, pages, genre and I have a picture of the cover). I then have what the book is about and then I talk about what I liked about the book and who I recommend it to. Then I have my spoiler section for those who have read the novels and want to see my opinions on events that have occurred in the book. I then finish off with an overall thoughts. If I was sent the novel by a publicist or author I will most definitely include my thank you.

I truly appreciate how much hard work authors put into their books and I love reviewing them. Feel free to comment or email if you have any questions or would like to suggest a book.

If you are a publicist or author and would like me to review a novel, promote your book or post a interview, guest review etc. feel free to contact me. I will read your book and post your review as soon as possible. If you would like me to post my review on a particular date, please let me know. Thank you so much for considering me to review your book.

Please email me at: I would love to review a book for you :)

Other places you can reach me:
Twitter - @jordypaige11
Goodreads -

So quite usually I am very generous with how I rate the books I read. When I pick a book I am pretty confident that I will like it. My most common ratings are 3.5 and 4.

1 Star
: I am sorry I truly did not enjoy this. I almost never give this rating because I know what I like. Also there is a chance that I might not have finished it but usually even if I am not enjoying it I try to push through it.

1.5 Stars: This book was still bad but there was one tiny thing that kept it from being terrible.

2 Stars: I liked it enough to finish it but it wasn't really my cup of tea.

2.5 Stars: I did like it but there was something missing.

3 Stars: Either the book was good and it had some good parts to it or I really did like it but there was a bit of an issue with some of it.

3.5 Stars: The book was interesting and enjoyable and I am glad I read it but it wasn't something that I would necessarily read again. There was probably also something with the writing or plot that didn't fit to well and could have been done better.

4 Stars: I really enjoyed this book and I'll recommend it to all my friends.

4.5 Stars: Absolutely loved the book. It was well written and I was thinking of it long after I finished it.

5 Stars: This was absolutely amazing, I'm shocked with how good it was. This book deserves more than 5 stars, I want to read this over and over. everyone must read this!! 

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