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Tarnished (Wolf Gatherings #1) by Becca Jameson

Title: Tarnished (Wolf Gatherings #1)

Author: Becca Jameson

Genre: Fantasy/paranormal/romance

Pages: 136

Publisher: Hartwood publishing

Date Released: August 1st 2013

Format: ebook

Synopsis:   Wolf shifter Mackenzie Davis has no interest in mating with another wolf. Plenty of experiences in her past have hardened her to this resolve. She is loving life with the perfect job, the perfect friends, and the perfect boyfriend—a human one. Nevertheless, her mom implores her to attend this year’s Wolf Gathering. Reluctantly dragging her feet, she agrees to one day only.

Drake Spencer has come to the gathering from Texas with his family. He’s twenty-eight and believes his chances of finding a mate are slim to none, especially since he saw the woman he felt connected to leave with another man at the last gathering. But what if the woman who has consumed his dreams for the last few years is not actually mated?

When Mackenzie and Drake meet, sparks fly. Kenzie still hopes to deny the claim on her. But can she? The call of mates is stronger than she expected. What will happen to her sense of self if she follows this man to Texas? Not to mention Drake. Can he live with the mental scars of her past? (Goodreads synopsis) 

Review: Lately i've really been into werewolf novels, I have no idea where it came from. I've been a bit obsessed haha. I am just going to put it right out there and say that I didn't really like this one. There was not much of a plot, i'm not even sure that there really was one at all to be honest. The whole book felt rather rushed, it only took an hour or two to read it but I wish I hadn't. I didn't really like the characters either. they annoyed me and didn't really have a lot to them. They had no depth.  The book kept mentioning how much kenzie loved kids but it never showed her interacting with them until the end and even then the was brief. Also once Kenzie left her house other than a phone call to let her parents know where she was there was no other communication which was rather strange, I mean if you are going to live with a complete stranger don't you think that her parents would have wanted to at least meet Drake. There were some other small things that ticked me off but I won't delve into those. 

I would not recommend this to anyone, I didn't really enjoy it and it needs some work of character development and an actual plot. I am quite disappointed.

Cover art: 1
Plot: 1
Level of interest:2
Total rating:1

Happy Reading Everyone!! :D
- Jordan

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