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Persistence of Vision (Interchron #1) Review

Title: Persistence of Vision (Interchron #1)
Author: Liesel K. Hill

Pages: 386

Genre: New Adult/Dystopian/Fantasy

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Date Released: January 29th 2013

Format: e-book

In a world where collective hives are enslaving the population and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper, and independent 21st Century woman, must find the strength to preserve the freedom of the future, but without the aid of her memories.

After experiencing a traumatic time loss, Maggie is plagued by a barrage of images she can't explain. When she's attacked by a creep with a spider's web tattoo, she is saved by Marcus, a man she's never met, but somehow remembers. He tells her that both he and her creepy attacker are from a future in which individuals are being murdered by collectives, and Marcus is part of the rebellion. The collectives have acquired time travel and they plan to enslave the human race throughout all of history. The flashes Maggie has been seeing are echoes of lost memories, and the information buried deep within them is instrumental in defeating the collective hives.

In order to preserve the individuality of mankind, Maggie must try to re-discover stolen memories, re-kindle friendships she has no recollection of, and wade through her feelings for the mysterious Marcus, all while dodging the tattooed assassins the collectives keep sending her way.

If Maggie can't fill the holes in her memory and find the answers to stop the collectives, the world both in her time and in all ages past and future will be doomed to enslavement in the grey, mediocre collectives. As the danger swirls around her and the collectives close in, Maggie realizes she must make a choice: stand out or fade away... ( Goodreads Synopsis )

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you Liesel! I really appreciate it! :).

I wasn't so sure about starting this book but the rating and reviews on goodreads were quite good. I had not even heard of this until Liesel contacted me but I am so happy and thankful that she did. I truly enjoyed it and I am not just saying that. The writing was really good and the storyline quite different from what I usually read. The only thing that bugged me was that Maggie never asked about her brother Jonah wondering where she was, which I thought was weird. I think he would notice that she was missing! haha.

This was a really unique story and it flowed really nicely, some of the science and physics laws were a bit hard to wrap my head around like explaining how their powers worked but I think I sort of got it in the end. Oh my goodness and I <3 <3 <3 Marcus *swoon* he is so sweet! There are some really cool unexpected things that happen, and I thought that the Spiderweb tattoo's were cool. I actually think this would be really cool as a movie!

I definitely recommend this to those of you who live dystopian and fantasy novels. I think this book has something that everyone will enjoy. It is a lot different from what I usually read but I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book! :)

Cover art: 3
Plot: 5
Level of interest:5
Total rating:4.5

Where can you buy this:
Physical copies


Tate Publishing

Dream Cast

Aimee Teegarden as Maggie                                                              Dominic Sherwood as Marcus

Happy Reading Everyone!
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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! And can I just say how much I love your rating system again?! It's brilliant.

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    1. Hehe thank you! and I am honoured :) thank you so much, I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!


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