Monday, 3 April 2017

Singing Fire by T.L. Martin

Title: Singing Fire (#1)

Author: T.L. Martin

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Young Adult

Pages: 296

Publisher: ???

Date Released: November 27th 2016

Format: Ebook

Synopsis: Constant chills, panic attacks, and now paranoia – there’s a reason seventeen-year-old Charlie keeps to herself. 

Life is looking up when she gets a job at a whimsical tea shop and gains a few new friends, but little does Charlie know there are secrets lurking beyond its door. 

It only takes one night for her perspective on her small town to change forever. As if witches, vampires, and demons weren’t enough, she soon realizes she’s being hunted for a power she didn’t know she possessed. 
Singing Fire takes Charlie through an unexpected journey of self-discovery, betrayal, and forbidden love all while the clock is ticking for her to defeat the dark souls pursuing her – before anyone else dear to her has to die. (Goodreads synopsis)

Note: I was sent a review copy in exchange for a honest review


I really enjoyed the writing as it was super easy to get into and I rarely found myself wishing the pace would speed up because majority of the time it was awesome. The world building was also really well done. It made me feel as though I was actually there, I couldn't imagine it in my head so early. Something that I really enjoyed was that the main character Charlie struggled with panic attacks and she wasn't very good with social situations which I think was executed well. It was awesome to see Charlie's character grow and change into a more confident woman. Though there were times were I got annoyed with her character as she made a few rash decisions and was so fixated on being the hero that it got her into trouble. 

Also on a random note.. At the start of the novel it mentioned how Charlie had 3 birthmarks behind her ear but then I don't remember it mentioning anything else about it through out the novel. Perhaps that will be explained in the next novel? Like why she is the opal. 

One thing that I look for in a novel is an unexpected ending and T.L. Martin certainly delivered. The twist will definitely take you by surprise. I will definitely be looking out for the next instalment :) 

If you love paranormal mixed with a bit of romance then this one is for you :)

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